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Valley View Business Park

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As the redeveloping process for the once anthracite powerhouse that is the Lackawanna River Valley takes place, it is only fitting PennDOT join the effort. With untouched lands located off the Casey Highway, the Department of Transportation discovered a well-suited home for an industrial park.

The second phase of this project bid on June 26, 2008 and then awarded in the amount of $16,935,790.86; the largest accord between the state and Leeward to-date.

Crews arrived on-site the first of October to begin the process of sculpting the blank-canvas into a two-lane roadway snaking through the countryside. The preparatory work of the first phase includes clearing and grubbing of the site as well as establishing initial erosion and sedimentation controls, a rock construction entrance and maintaining and protecting traffic on Route 247.

The following two stages encompass the bulk of the contractual obligations. One of the largest endeavors is the excavation and pouring of a 500 foot long box culvert that will require approximately 3,069 cubic yards of cement concrete. Supplementary to this work is the construction of a temporary channel to divert Grassy Island Creek. Also requiring extensive work is the placing of the thousands of feet of drainage and sewer pipe as well as pipelines for the Pennsylvania American Water Company and UGI Utilities, Inc.

The final phases of work focus on restoration and beautification of the project area. Subcontractors will be on location to install the traffic signals and accompanying components on Route 247. The refurbishing of disturbed asphalt as well as the origination of the roadway through the worksite is to be done by LeewardÕs blacktop crews. Finalization steps will include site landscaping, wetland mitigation, the placing of guiderails, signage, and pavement markings.

At project closeout, Leeward will have completed a tremendous amount of work in less than two years. Estimates are at: 799,000 cubic yards of material to be excavated, laying 45,500 linear feet of pipe, placing 27,600 ton of asphalt, utilizing 314,200 square yards of geotextiles, marking 86,000 linear feet of pavement, pouring near 4,000 cubic yards of cement concrete as well as using thousands of cubic yards of various rocks and aggregates.