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Leeward Construction Likes to Plan Their Work and Work Their Plan

May 06, 2015
Leeward Construction

When Leeward Construction planned its bid on the earthmoving job for a major airport project, they sat down with their Cleveland Brothers reps. The discussion ranged from tire wear to rental rates to loading with a wheel loader versus loading with an excavator. The final decisions went into the winning bid. “We talked about different ways to set up our earthmoving spread to do this,” says Leeward’s Gary Linde. “We ended up trying to utilize some of the equipment we own plus a couple of things we rented from Cleveland Brothers. It’s a blend of ideas.” Linde believes that this advance planning helped Leeward win the bid by creating the right equipment mix, at the right price. “It’s very helpful to get everyone’s input when you’re trying to decide what route to take,” he says. “It’s certainly advantageous.”

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