“Whatever It Takes”

Our Motto. Our Promise.

Leeward Construction, Inc. is an integral part of the construction industry in Northeastern Pennsylvania and regional parts of New York and New Jersey.  We specialize in utility, highway, heavy and building site construction.  In addition, we also own and operate our own rock quarries and asphalt plant.

Leeward Construction, Inc. opened its doors for business in January of 1993.  It was established following a collaborative project on the United States Naval Base in Antigua, West Indies; part of the Leeward Islands.  Hence, it was only fitting the company was named Leeward Construction.

Since 1996, the family owned and operated business has expanded and diversified its work load and service area, growing to complete more than $75 million in work annually. Leeward’s success is due largely in part to the commitments of our talented personnel who have helped us to complete over $1 Billion worth of work since our inception.

In 2001, Leeward acquired the first of its stone quarries, Leeward Lackawaxen Quarry.  Located on 80 acres in Lackawaxen Township, this quarry led the company to expand its aggregate business to encompass several more quarries: Leeward Middlecreek Quarry, Leeward Cresco Quarry.  In 2004, we entered into a joint venture with Haines and Kibblehouse, Inc. to obtain Bedrock Quarry located in Northern Wayne County.  All together, our family of quarries supply our jobsites and are available to the public and other contractors for purchase.

Another adventure for our company was opening our own asphalt plant in 2003.  Leeward Asphalt, a four-ton Barber Green asphalt plant, produces over 200,000 tons of asphalt per year.  A truly impressive number for a facility that is only operational for 7-8 months of the year.  In 2019, we added two 250 ton capacity silos to handle surges in demand from our crews and customers.

Leeward further prides itself on its ownership of a vast equipment fleet. The force includes, but is not limited to: tri-axle trucks, trailers, excavators, loaders, dozers, rollers, cranes, pavers, milling machines and curbing machines.  In short, everything Leeward needs to get the job done.

The Leeward Family is made up of nearly 250 employees during peak season, whose trades cover a multitude of specialties. Operators, pipe layers, concrete finishers, carpenters, electricians, and mechanics are merely a few of the skilled employees within the company.

Leeward is very proud of our competent staff and the goals we have accomplished since our inception. We will continue to bid competitively, purchase carefully and hire a talented staff.  In addition, we will tirelessly, pursue maintaining ourselves at the forefront of our industry.  We believe that these objectives will only strengthen our place in the construction industry.


Vision Statement

Our goal is to become the premier Heavy, Highway and Utility contractor is Northeastern Pennsylvania.   To accomplish this, we will build a stable, resourceful and skilled workforce. We will use the latest construction technology along with the finest equipment and vehicles.  We will provide a safe and secure workplace.  We will compensate and respect all members of our work force, We will accomplish this while maintaining the family traditions that our company is built up. All this to be done within the highest ethical standards. 

Leeward Construction and its vertically integrated subsidiaries mission are to provide the highest-quality workmanship possible while investing in our community-based workforce, yielding unparalleled customer driven results.  We succeed at this because of the integrity of our integrity of our skilled work force, our commitment to a solid work ethic, and our passion for staying current with the newest innovations of our industry.  As a leader in the Heavy, Highway and Utility sectors in Northeastern Pennsylvania, we are able to provide unique solutions and responsiveness to our customers through strategically located quarry and asphalt operations. 

Mission Statement

Leeward Construction and its subsidiary are a vertically integrated heavy, highway and utility contractor located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. It is our intent to build on and improve on our first quarter century of construction.  Of primary importance is the education and training of our Labor force.  With the looming labor shortage, it is apparent that training of present workforce and integration of new hires is of vital importance. Health insurance and benefits are vital and new and creative approaches will be pursued. Replacement, repair and maintenance of the equipment and truck fleet is also a high priority.  It is imperative to have the best available equipment for the job at hand. Administrative and maintence will continue to be consolidated at the new golf hill location. Implementation and installation of the integrated construction soft ware will continue.  Materials division will be upgraded and improved with a goal of 500 k tons of aggregate and 200 k tons of asphalt will be produced on a yearly basis. We will continue to explore all new material opportunities. We will explore the use of rail transportation both for the export of material and the importation of supplies. We will continue to pursue all disciplines of our work to assure a balanced work load.  This is done as a hedge for lack of work in a present market.  We look for continued growth in volume of 10 % per year in both construction and aggregate production.

    1. What you do: Build infrastructure through a unique assortment of equipment augmented by strategically located aggregate and asphalt operations.
    1. How you do it: Through hard work and dedication of the countless men and women we employee and subcontractors/vendors we partner with, Leeward does WHAT EVER IT TAKES.
    1. Why you do it: To improve the quality of life of the end users of our projects, from utility installations serving all aspects of civic life, to roads and bridges that connect our communities and commerce.
    1. Who you do it for: We work each and every day for the continued success and advancement of our employees, while being a steady and sustainable steward of the communities we serve and environments we work in.
    1. How you succeed at it each day: By providing a safe and inclusive culture that requires the advancement of employees and the unwavering commitment that all of our employees go home to their loved ones.